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B-Wet Solutions Store
B-Wet Solutions Store
B-Wet Solutions Store


Doughboy builds the highest quality pools on the market today. Their pool frams are designed to last. The steel frame provide more protective layers, coatings, and treatments to offer the ultimate protection against corrosion and abrasion. The resin pool frams provide an elegant, smoothe finish along with unparalleled strength and durability.

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Marquis Hot Tubs

The Marquis Signature Series are touted by the industry as the most beautiful hot tubs in the market. The moment you first set your eyes on a Marquis you'll be dazzled by the artistry with which it was sculpted - the sinuous, organic styling that threads throughout the body - the river rock footwell, hand-picked from an Oregon river - and the solid, exclusive DuraWood extruded from a hand-honed board. Marquis' eye for detail knows no bounds. Nor does it cut corners when it comes to hydrotherapy innovation. Many Signature models are hydrotherapy rock stars!

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Made in the USA, Embassy Pool, Co. stands for high quality, yet affordable pool products. They are a division of Doughboy Recreational and have become a part of the world's leading above ground pool manufacturer. They offer a variety of pool styles and shapes to enhance any backyard setting.

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Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg stands alone as the most versatile barbecue and outdoor cooking product on the market, with more capabilities than all other conventional cookers combined. From appetizers to entrees to desserts, the Big Green Egg will exceed all your expectations for culinary perfection.... and with 7 convenient sizes to choose from, there is a Big Green Egg to fit any need and lifestyle!

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Chemicals & Accessories

We're your one-stop shop for all your pool and hot tub chemicals and accessories. We carry a full line of all the chemicals you'll need to keep your pool clean & clear. Plus, we have many replacement parts for your entire filter system, as well as vaccuum parts. Finally, we've some beautiful artificial palm trees to really make your backyard a tropical paradise.

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In 1984, manufacturing of aluminum pools and expanded. Over time, Trevi has acquired several leading brands of swimming pools including that of: Cornelius Pools, Taiga Zone, Val-Mar and Master Piscinier who have earned a solid reputation. It is after having acquired the banner Master Piscinier the group left Laval and concentrated all its production activities in Mirabel.

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