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Embassy Poolco stands for high quality, yet affordable pool products. We are a division of Doughboy Recreational and have become a part of the world's leading aboveground pool manufacture.

Embassy Century

Rugged Baked Enamel Steel, 9" wrap-around Top Rails 52" Deep Pool in Creamy Tan Tone.

Embassy Sterling

Rugged Baked Enamel Steel, 9" wrap-around Top Rails 52" Deep Pool in Silver Tone.

Embassy Mystique

Huge Baked Enamel Steel, 8" Top Rails and 7" Verticals 52" Deep Pool

Embassy Whisper Breeze

Beautifully Crafted 8" Resin Top Rails, Elegantly Designed 8" Resin Vertical Supports 52" or 54" Deep Pool


In 2012, after B-Dry Solutions was an up and running another successful business owned by Paris Inc., Paris Inc. was ready to take on another venture and being that Justin had several years of prior experience working in the Pool & Spa field, Paris Inc. developed the B-Wet Solutions pool store. Kelly Dunn of Highland actively serves as the store manager and handles day to day operations and sales. B-Wet Solutions is a proud Marquis Spa Dealer and a Doughboy and Embassy Aboveground Pool Dealer. B-Wet Solutions is a locally owned and operated business that was started to offer people quality products at exceptionally low everyday prices. B-Wet Solutions will never be UNDERSOLD!

We are committed to a long-standing history in the Pool & Spa Industry while providing professional expert customer service. Our Staff is exceptionally skilled in the Pool & Spa Industry. We pride ourselves with our awareness and understanding of proper water chemistry and maintenance to eliminate unnecessary and uneconomical water treatments that can get extremely pricy. We carry a variety of exceptional discounted priced Chemicals, Pool & Spa Accessories, Aboveground Pools and Hot Tubs to suit anyone's budget from top notch elite lines to quality family orientated products. B-Wet Solutions strives to maintain respectable customer relations while solving those sometimes stubborn aquatic issues. We believe that by carrying the greatest value, the finest service, and never compromising our integrity that B-Wet Solutions will be able to provide our customers the honesty and respect that they deserve. We also encourage you to visit our website www.bwetsolutions.com for all your pool and spa needs. We look forward to meeting everyone and having the opportunity to earn your business, after all your business is what drives our business!

B-Wet Solutions
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